Bram van der Kroef

C++ LESS Compiler

This is a implementation of the LESS compiler found on in C++. LESS is an extension for CSS that adds variables, nested rules, functions and operations to make style-sheets easier to write. The LESS code is compiled to CSS with a compiler such as this one.



To compile just run 'make'. g++ or another c++ compiler is required. If you are using a compiler other than g++ you'll need to change the Makefile.

After compiling you will have the binary lessc. You can run 'make install' as root to install the binary to usr/local/bin.

Note that the original compiler is also named lessc. If you already have another LESS CSS compiler installed you should rename the lessc binary you just created before copying.


To compile the LESS stylesheet stylesheet.less and write the resulting CSS to stylsheet.css run:

lessc stylesheet.less > stylesheet.css


lessc stylesheet.less -o stylesheet.css

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