Bram van der Kroef

I am a full-stack developer who lives in Fort Frances, Ontario.

My work includes module/plugin and theme development for Drupal and WordPress. I have built and maintained over a hundred websites with custom themes.

I develop and maintain Web applications using technologies such as PHP, Javascript, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CakePHP, Bootstrap, LESS, Apache, Linux (RHEL6) and Python. I also have a background in network programming and operating systems.

Check out some of my work below and browse through the code on GitHub.


LESS Compiler in C++


LESS is an extension for CSS that adds variables, nested rules, functions and operations to make stylesheets easier to write. CLESSC compiles LESS code to CSS.

Genetic Algorithm


This project tries to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem using a genetic algorithm.

This runs the algorithm with points in the shape of an octagon:

$ python 26,2 62,2 87,26 87,62 62,87 26,87 2,62 2,26

You can also let it use random points:

$ python -r

Output a map to an image:

$ python -r -i map.svg