Bram van der Kroef

Celtic Knots

knot1.png This app will let design your own celtic knot. It is a project that I made when I found out about a simple way to draw them. It turned into an interesting exercise with Bézier curves.

Sharp angles are supported as well as curved lines. The background and foreground colors can be changed with JColorChooser dialog. Line interlacing can be turned on and off.

The app is made by extending JComponent to make nodes that draw a line section. The nodes are laid out in a container using GridLayout.



It is written in Java so it requires a


Most systems already have it installed but if you don't have it you can get it from

Just download the .jar file and run it like you would any app. You can also run it from a terminal with this command:

java -jar celticknots.jar


Figure 1: Running the app.

Click on two adjacent dots to break the lines that run between them. A dot will turn red when you click on it. When you click the next dot the lines running between the dots are broken. If you click on a dot that isn't adjacent to the first then that dot will turn red instead.

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